For over 35 years, WRICO has safely installed self-contained Acid and Bleach Feed Systems with multiple fail-safe redundancies.  And WRICO's absolute focus on safety and "minimized spill potential" means we haven't had an EPA reportable customer spill in our history.


TAILORED solutions

From 1,000+ gallon tanks to 15-gallon carboys, WRICO installs according to your space and volume needs providing just-in-time delivery to minimize on-site volumes.  And we deliver in a maximum of 50-gallon drums, limiting on-site volume and further reducing risk.


logistics services

WRICO provides regular deliveries along the "Texas Triangle" and beyond from our San Antonio HQ & Houston depot. Our HAZMAT-certified transport specialists average over 10 years' experience with us. Ask us about our delivery services for your products. 

In summary, WRICO partners closely with both the water treatment company and the on-site maintenance team,
fully managing everything: site analysis, installation, training, transport, replenishment, maintenance and reporting.